Looking for way to donate a dollar

Welcome to donatingadollar.com. At this website youíll find all the information you need about how to donate a dollar. Perhaps you feel like doing something for charity and youíd like to donate a dollar: this website offers you that possibility!

Every single dollar is very welcome and youíll be supporting charity! I bet you could spare a dollar, right? Then please give it a new home by donating it on our website. Donations can be made every day and night, right here at donatingadollar.com.

Give your Dollar a new home

All right, so you know about us now, but your friends donít. Please give your friends, family, colleagues and whomever you can think of the advise to visit our website. Tell them that they can donate a dollar whenever they feel like it! Isnít it crazy that this can just be done, at any time anywhere (with an internet connection of course)?

Make sure they appreciate the beauty of it. Lots of people donated here already so why not participate? Make sure you experience the exciting donating-experience yourself, so you wonít be the one standing ignorantly on the side when people talk about us. Do it now and make sure you are the one that other people here about us from! To summarize: donate and spread our name and fame: www.donatingadollar.com.

It`s very easy to donate a Dollar

Also make sure you put www.donatingadollar.com in your list of favorite websites, so that you donít risk ever forgetting our name. It is important that you do that right away, or you might lose our name already when you close this window later! Tell other people about us and about what we offer. To make things easy for you, here is an example of what you could put in an email to a friend:

ďHi (insert friendís name), I was surfing the internet and ran into this amazing website: http://www.donatingadollar.com. It allows you to donate a dollar, very easily and for whatever reason you can think of. I just participated and thought you might be interested to donate as well! If you can spare a dollar (and I know you can ;)) you should definitely try it out, itís an awesome experience! Cheers, (insert your name)Ē

For Good Health and Karma

Just as simple as that, you can make other people aware of our existence. We hope to increase our visitor count a lot and we think that will happen, but only if you tell people about us! Visit donatingadollar.com where the joy is endless, donate a dollar and have fun exploring our website.

What else would you do with that dollar? Buy ice cream, or a bag of crisps? Donít! Itís not good for your health! Choose to donate that dollar instead and you will feel a lot better, knowing you said no to unhealthy stuff and even supported charity! Every day and night, in just a couple of minutes you can turn your dollar into our dollar! Donate us the dollar that you could so easily spare and see it, if you like, as an alternative to buying yourself things that arenít good for you.

Donate your dollar now!

Can you spare a dollar now, and one again next week? We have the solution: you just return to donatingadollar.com and donate again! There is no limit, you can donate as often as you like! You just found yourself a charity on the internet which is easily accessed and is open for your donations 24/7.

Tempted to buying snacks with a couple spare dollars? Get rid of them by donating them to us. Itís the simplest way to increase your health! Spend your dollar in a fun way, and show people that this is possible on the internet. Donate a dollar now, enjoy and laugh about it with us. Weíd be very happy to welcome you and your donation right now on our website donatingadollar.com!

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